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Benefits of Ultherapy

Ultherapy Many Benefits

Ultherapy is one of the latest innovations to come to Sonoma & Marin County, and is a non-invasive procedure to help loose skin around the face, chin, and neck area become tighter and more youthful-looking. This treatment requires nearly no downtime and the results are much more natural-looking than plastic surgery options. There are changes to be seen even after one treatment. The benefits of this are endless, but here are a few of the great features of getting Ultherapy at our Sonoma or Marin County practice.  Visit our FAQ section for the most popular question and answers.

Eyebrow Lifting

One of the most common ways a woman’s face can appear older than it is, is by having eyebrows that appear to droop or drop down on the face. By lifting the eyebrows the face becomes more refreshed, looking as if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and aren’t as tired. This is a natural look, one that will not be questioned by your friend’s or family. For Ultherapy in Santa Rosa & Marin County, 86 percent of those getting the treatment saw a lift in the eyebrow area, typically with a mean value of 1.9mm in height. This is a significant find for a non-invasive procedure and enough that you will be able to tell a difference from the very first procedure.  Look at the before and after photo gallery to view the exciting results.

A Lasting Procedure

With Ultherapy, Dr. Delgado will discuss how long you can expect the treatment to be noticeable before you’ll need additional procedures. However, most women will see visible tissue lift over the next three months following the initial procedure, with some women seeing results lasting up to six months. There is many factors that will go in to how long the procedure lasts, and Dr. Delgado will discuss with you the various ways to improve how long your results are noticeable. Some of these will include how well you take care of your facial tissue, your sleeping habits, the environment you’re around, and your overall health.

Less Risk

There is less risk associated to those that undergo an Ultherapy procedure in Marin County or Sonoma County. With this less risk comes less pain and less recovery time needed than a face lift, with the entire Ultherapy procedure being done in under an hour and a half. There is no foreign substance that enters the body or is used on the face, and there is no invasiveness. Those clients that have put off lifting their sagging skin due to sensitivity to surgical procedures or those that worry about the risk of excessive downtime can look into Ultherapy as a viable alternative.

More Natural

Many clients will agree that the Ultherapy procedure is more natural-looking when completed than a full face lift with cosmetic surgery. It will tone and tighten the loose skin without appearing plastic-like. Clients prefer a more natural feel and appearance and can have a customized treatment when they discuss their options with Dr. Miguel Delgado. You will be amazed at how refreshed you look and feel after the procedure and in the coming weeks after the recovery. People will compliment you on your vibrant appearance, envy you on how well you’re aging.

Dr. Miguel Delgado performs Ultherapy procedures in his San Francisco & Marin County practices. If you have questions or concerns regarding this procedure, want to discuss costs and payment options, or just wonder about the before and after pictures, a consultation can set your mind at ease. Have natural results from a new innovative procedure that will keep you from having expensive surgery and costly downtime from the lift. Dr. Miguel Delgado invites you to call his office to schedule your appointment today to get started on a more refreshed and vibrant you.  Also, visit our blog for new and exciting information.

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