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What Other Areas of the Body Can be Treated With Ultherapy?

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Ultherapy Tightens the Skin!

There is a lot of excitement over the results of Ultherapy for the brow, face, neck and now the decollete, which is FDA approved. Being able to strengthen the skin from the inside out, it is hard not to imagine using the tightening abilities of the device for other areas of the body; anywhere skin needs to be tightened!

Off-label Use

With varying degrees of success, many doctors have been using Ultherapy off-label. Off-label means the use of a drug or medical device for purposes other than what it was approved for by the FDA. It is not illegal for physicians to do this, different applications are allowed at the doctor’s discretion. It is, however, illegal for the manufacturing company to market their product for anything other than what it was approved for.

There has been quite a buzz about new areas being treated with great success “off-label.” These areas include; the “wiggle” under the arms, the wrinkles on the abdomen around the belly button, and softening the lines above the knees.

Clinical Trials

There are clinical trials taking place now for many new areas. In the meantime if you have an area of loose skin that is bothering you, call today (415 898-4161) for a consultation with Miguel Delgado, M.D. to see if Ultherapy might be a possible treatment for you!

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