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Ultherapy Treats Chest Wrinkles

Ultherapy on Television…Again

Recently the television show “The Doctors” aired a video of a woman having an Ultherapy treatment that was performed 6 months previously. The woman complained of chest wrinkles due to many years of sun exposure. She said she grew tired of trying to wear clothing to cover up her chest. The video shows the area of the chest to be treated, and it is marked off. The device moves slowly over the area, and a monitor shows where the energy points are being delivered. The ultrasound technology stimulates new collagen growth. The treatment lasts only about 20 minutes, but will take several weeks to see the final results.

The Doctors and Ultherapy

View Ultherapy Results

“The Doctors” presented the woman to their show where she showed the results of her treatment. She was thrilled with her firmer smoother skin and now wants to do her neck.

To see the video clip from “The Doctors” click here.

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