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Who is Not a Candidate for Ultherapy?


With all the excitement generated by the non-surgical treatment for skin tightening by Ultherapy, it needs to be mentioned, that not everyone will benefit from the procedure.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon EvaluationIt is important to be evaluated by a specially trained physician to determine if Ultherapy is a good treatment for you.

The treatment is not recommended if you have any open lesions or wounds in the treatment area or have existing keloid scars. Additionally it is not recommended if you have any dermal or mechanical implants, metal facial implants, or if you are on an anticoagulant treatment plan.

Ultherapy is not for patients with active acne. However, there are clinical trials taking place now to study the treatment of Ultherapy for atrophic acne scars.

Women who are breastfeeding or who are pregnant need to avoid Ultherapy treatments.

Do not be discouraged if you fall into any of these categories, there are other options available for skin tightening needs. You are invited to contact Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Miguel Delgado, M.D. at (415) 898-4161 or email ( a skin evaluation and find out what is available to reach your goals.

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